Business constellations – Organizational constellations – Systemic constellations

To actually move forward, “allowing change” is needed within yourself, your team, your organization (or any other large system).

Business constellations – Organizational constellations – Structural constellations – Systemic constellations, is a dynamic mapping of relationships of people within a system.

"The World is wide and I would not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum."

- Frances Wilard

This mapping can be of people, teams, departments, or even products and values.  It is a powerful method to expose obstacles such people and teams and organizations can free themselves to allow a strong forward movement. Business Constellations are about dynamics in a system, forces at play, which impact executives, teams and whole organizations.

Business Constellations are a fast and practical way to illustrate hidden dynamics within any executive, team, business, or even the marketplace. This allows clarity and deep insight, such to quickly arrive at steps needed for change and momentum forward.

Companies use Business Constellations to:

  • Enhancing team dynamics
  • Resolving resistance or inertia
  • Leadership and business issues
  • Allow change to happen within self, team or organizations / large systems

Three Parallel Rivers BVBA offers Systemic Business Constellations workshop for individuals or teams.

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